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Handy's Culture

We are a Mexican company originally created in 2010 by three friends and partners. The taste for technology and the desire to create an incredible place to work from which innovative and useful products emerged led us to the formation of Handy.

We started developing tailor-made projects for companies with control and efficiency needs of their field staff, specifically in the areas of sales and deliveries. Conagra Foods, PiSA Laboratories and Belcorp were some of our customers during the first few years. Thanks to the experience gained in these and other companies we managed to open the doors with more companies, which have remained open for years, mainly thanks to the high standard of service that was - and remains - as the central point of our operation.

Over the years we developed two platforms: Handy Sales and Handy Promo. We leave tailor-made development behind as we seek to make our product better and better for all our customers every day.

What's Handy's goal?

What we seek to do with Handy is for our customers to sell more, and we propose it with a working methodology that gives visibility and transparency to the sales teams and merchandisers who are on the street.

How do we do it? We rely on technology. We don't want supervisors attached to the computer monitoring people. What we want is teams of sales agents and merchandisers who know what to do, where and how to do it, and who accurately report what happens in the field.

With this, we seek to ensure that our clients' customers are well served, and none of them remain unvisited, because we have found that this translates into more sales.

For work teams that don't have people dedicated to supervision, but that the same owner or manager is who administers Handy, we put special focus on making it easy for them to make adjustments, monitor activities and extract relevant information to make decisions. At the same time, we accompany them with online and asynchronous help to solve their doubts.

Technology has changed- and will continue to change -,business models have changed, and we have new generations of on-field sales agents and merchandisers; the way we work in the field has to change, and Handy is our proposal on how we can do much better.

Work Philosophy

Our products are created with the valuable help of our collaborators and partners. We live in an atmosphere inspired by the Startups of the Silicon Valley. We work with freedom of time, location, clothing and culture; and we are 100% focused on results.

But, uh... How do we guarantee that Handy works for so many businesses, sometimes so - apparently - different from each other? In a word: Focus. We don't think but this: Handy. We don't develop other platforms or tailor-made solutions; what we're looking for is for Handy to be an iterative platform as we learn more from our customers, which adjusts and becomes increasingly simple and powerful in its use, and we're focused only on this. We have our public roadmap for Handy Sales and Handy Promo, where our customers vote for the improvements they themselves propose and we, as a team, decided that they are the path that Handy should follow.

One of our reference books is Remote by Jason Fried and DHH, and we believe that we should work where everyone is, when the time is right.

When we are faced with complex problems that we must solve, we don't make rushed solutions. We analyze the impact on all our customers. Investigate how they solve it. Explore other alternatives. We then finally propose how we think it should be done, validating with our users that it does solve the problem in depth. This is usually slower. But we solve the problem in substance.

We do this because we don't believe or feel like suppliers to our customers. We're their allies and they're our friends; we believe in long-term symbiotic relationships, not immediate sales that are not recurring. Our main interest is that our clients are doing very well.

Of all the things that pride us on Handy, the most outstanding is just that: service to our customers. From the CEO to the management staff, we all live involved in the day-to-day with customers. A problem is resolved when the customer is satisfied, not when we close a service ticket. We are agile, transparent, friendly and effective.

Always, but especially internally, we like to work with talented people. We believe that we are a team of all-stars, and we are committed to self-management, respect and responsibility to work individually and contribute to the team. This, by the way, works very well.

That's why we work at least twice a week from home - sometimes more, sometimes permanently - and have unlimited days off and we also have the technological resources to work asynchronously and remotely.

If you think you have what it takes to contribute to Handy, and the way we work sounds to you, write to us at hola@handy.laand tell us why.

Where's Handy today?

Throughout 26 countries in America and Europe we have customers who trust us to control their on-field process and increase their sales. More than 10,000 users use Handy daily in various industries in companies such as Tajín, Urrea, Credomatic, PiSA Laboratories, Proalmex, Royal Canin, MARS.

For us, our best arguments are demonstrated by the testing of our products and the service we offer.

We'll be waiting for you.