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Get control of your on-field team
and real-time data so you can sell more.

We provide certainty and accurate data
so you can oversee salesteams and merchandisers,
the information they send and the capability to adjust strategy;
so you can boost your sales and be in control.

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The easiest way to modernise your company.

Automate all on field sales and merchandising processes, with no hassle or forced term contracts. It's really easy!

Coordinate merchandisers and salesteams.

Schedule and check compliance of all field activity of your team; create ideal routes automatically and keep track of their agenda

Get data in real time and turn it into actions.

Having Key Personal Indicators is just the first step. Turn that data into actions to boost your sales! 

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On-field organised ops,
with easy to use features.

We've measure boosts from 25 to 30% on our clients' sales.
And it's all about taking advantage of this features:
Dashboard and daily recap

Access all important data on your dashboard and stay tuned with daily, weekly and monthly recap emails

Smart routes

It's not magic, though it seems like! With our advanced analysis tool, optimise routes to avoid inefficiency. Save time and fuel! 

Schedule visits and check compliance

Rest assured with all your clients being visited as you set on the company's schedule. You'll have automatic reports, and of course you can dig on the details.

Personalised Forms

Retrieve detailed information orderly, geo-tracked and digitalised; You can build your own forms and it's quite handy for a lot of purposes.

No coverage and offline work

Handy is set to work under no coverage or offline enviroments, so we got you covered. We also run on Amazon web services.

Track all activity on the street

Geo-Track clients, sales orders, routes, forms and pretty much all activity that's happening outside your office.

The information you need, instantly.

Web page for system administration

All gathered data is visualised and managed on your Handy webpage, in real time. Give your team full or partial access to whomever you think needs access to your information. These users are free of charge! 

Mobile app for whomever is on the street.

Display relevant information to your team when they need it, and retrieve data without hassle on a friendly interface that runs smoothly and makes everything more efficient.

Data sync through API

If you need so, you can turn Handy and your other systems in something more powerful: Sync your ERP, Invoices, BI, CRM or any other system with Handy through our API. Everything you need to do so is available for you or someone of your team to sync. Plus, is free! 

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