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Handy Sales is made for sales teams

Handy keeps on sync your sales strategy with on the field execution.
We give you control and capability to oversee what your sales team do on the field, so the data flows easily and automatically, and you can make better and more informed decisions.
Besides, you can take action instantly: from a change on the price, to re-distributing routes.

How does Handy Sales works? 

On this brief video, we give you an idea of how Handy works.
Have further doubts? chat with us! 

We think on you needs.

Plan ahead, oversee and analyze from our web.

Translate your commercial strategy into actions that you can measure and your sales team can perfom easily.
Handy will carry on those performance indicators globally and individually so you can follow through and adjust if necessary.

On the field execution from the mobile App.

Handy gives your sales team the neede information to sell better and more. At the same time, it gives you control and visibility of their activities and the data they gather, like never before.

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Some of the companies that trust us

What's been told about us

Jorge Galván

OTD Logestra

"It's been the perfect solution for us! Knowing sales by the dollar, how products behave and taking sales orders... knowing easily and on the map if the team fulfilled their schedule... it's just an easy way to stay on top of the things, from your desk. "

Ramiro Vertiz


"[...] We had a sales increase on 95% of the sales team. Avarage, sales went up 25% throughout the whole company."

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What's the price for using Handy?

Start your trial for 30 days for free! After that, web users remain free, and each mobile user have a cost that you can check out here.

How can I start using Handy Sales? 

Create your company's account, download the app and try it's features on the app and the web. You can customize clients, prices and users.

How can I upluad my data to Handy?

Once your account is created, go to the Catalogs menu and customize your data individually or import it from Excel.

Is there any guidelines on how to start using Handy Sales?

Yes! We have a  help center a support chat and a YouTube channel. For starters, you can watch this video.

Total coverage

Handy operates in 26 countries with thousands of companies. Our system is backed by Amazon Web Services' infraestructure.

Chat with us

We can help you solve your doubts. Handy is really easy to use, but if there's any question, ask us! 

Free updates

We're constanly seeking that Handy is an easier, faster and more powerful app. Check out what we're working on.

¡Muchas gracias te da el equipo de Handy!
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